1. The reason why corruption occurs in the Philippines is that many officials want to get rich in a very simple way. They get the money allotted for the improvement of the country. When this occurs, the
    Philippine treasury will lose the money that can be used for the
    improvement of the country, and then, the Philippines will burrow money
    from other countries to meet the needs. As the country continues to
    burrow money, it will still lack the needs that result to poverty,
    unfinished projects, economic loss.
  2. The cause of corruption is generally too little money. When a government or organization is low on cash, dishonest individuals looking for extra money sometimes choose to gain it illegally. This usually results in a further breakdown of the system, as no one can be trusted to act
    responsibly with the remaining money.
  3. Governments are too selfish
  4. Two people & a sum of money. That’s all you need. Sadly it is human nature to be dishonest & if people can do a dodgy deal some think that is the best way to get on in this world. Few indeed are beyond
    reproach in financial dealing at one time or other and the temptation to
    ‘cook the books’ is very, very high.
  5. I would first say Greed. Then, followed by the need for power. Both of these traits are, in my opinion, the cause of corruption. Im sure there are others, but to me, those are the two biggies.

Corruption occurs because humans cannot be trusted. We are a dishonest species, whose narcissistic ways destroy everything around us, physically and spiritually. No one is trustworthy.

The answer above provides no reasons and no examples to backup such a

Corruption occurs because of self-interest.

For example, when the United States of America invaded Iraq or Afghanistan, it had an interest in obtaining the oil
from those countries, because those countries have oil and the United
States of America need it. Maybe those countries were invaded for noble
causes or perhaps it is an example of corruption.

Could any action, interpreted as noble, actually be corrupt?
Yes, it is possible, but it is also possible that it was a truly noble act.

Can a person act nobly, if it interested that person more, to act

Yes, it is possible, but it is also possible to appear noble and be corrupt or appear corrupt and is noble or sometimes noble,
sometimes not.

I suspect that corruption occurs when opportunism becomes the mindset
of those people who hold positions of responsibility.

Eliminate the possibility of self-interest, of opportunism to occur and
you eliminate corruption. Do not blame the whole human species, we
cannot help but be this way, until we learn differently and learn we
must, for each and every one of us, we must learn.

So, the human species, when it acts corruptly, does so because it believes that
“if nobody is looking out for me, then I might as well look out for
myself” and “if people fail to look out for me, then I do not have to
look out for them” and opportunism is the mindset that would result from
these judgments. Believing nobody cares for you may cause
self-interested behaviour, it may cause a person to act in a corrupt
manner. If people believe no one cares for them, then, in their minds,
they have reason to act in their own interest regardless of the
consequences for others.

If this is all the case, that an uncaring world causes self-interested behaviour or believing in an
uncaring world causes that behaviour, then people need to believe in a
caring world to eliminate all self-interested behaviour
. This is a
psychological problem, it has to do with our perception of the world and
how that affects our mentality and the actions we take based on that
mentality. Therefore, if a politician acts corruptly, it is due to
the way they perceive the world to be, the mentality that forms from
that perception and the actions that that mentality causes.

How do we go from “believing in an uncaring world” to “believing in a
caring world” and how can we make true this belief?
This makes me
think that there is some kind of flaw with the way we live our lives
that causes others to feel uncared for.

Perhaps corruption breeds corruption in that corruption caused by opportunistic
behaviour, causes others to feel uncared for, which heightens their
belief in an uncaring world, which leads them into corruption and the
cycle continues. Society will not last long unless we learn to care for
the well being of everyone because corruption will destroy us all unless
we learn to care for everyone. Everyone means everyone.

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