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A Commentary on the Book of Daniel


While engaged in writing my Commentary on the Apocalypse, I found myself so often remitted to the book of Daniel, for the sake of illustration, that I of necessity was obliged to study that book with more than ordinary care and diligence. It was natural for me, in the course of an often repeated study of the book, to contract a fondness for it, or at least to take a deep interest in it. When I had completed my apocalyptic labors, and acquitted myself of some engagements which followed them, I began the study of Daniel anew, and with a view to the writing of a Commentary on it. The labor was severe; for very much has been written upon the book, a considerable portion of which has much more of chaff than of wheat in it. Just as I had completed the exegetical part of my work, a typhoid fever took strong hold upon me, and brought me near to the grave. For two years and six months it was utterly beyond my power to write another paragraph. Toward the close of January last, I began slowly to mend, and after a while I ventured to resume my labor. But for several weeks subsequent to this, I could not venture beyond the effort of studying an hour in a day. The opening Spring brought some further relief; and thus I have been able to complete my original design. Read the rest of this entry »