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Biblical hermeneutics

As we read the Bible, we must keep in mind the hermeneutical principle of audience relevance, which seeks to discover what the original audience understood a passage to mean.




A treatise on the Interpretation of
the Old and New Testament

The basics, when it comes to hermeneutics,
is to keep the primary principles in mind…

“Scripture interprets Scripture.”

My Journey out of…


When it comes to Dispensationalism:

I grew up in the SBC, and therefore, have always believed in what is called dispensationalism. I will admit though, I believe it more on the basis of what was told to me, instead of true study of the facts found in the Bible. My journey from semi Arminianism to Calvinism started about 6 years ago, so I am seeing the same things happen within this transformation as well. I am right in the middle of this, so I cannot say I am fully amillennial Read the rest of this entry »



(Galatians 1:6)

Some of the evils of the millennial doctrine.

  • PreMillennialist says Christ is a created being, created at His birth–versus–Christ preexisted before the earth. Christ was created–versus–Christ made all created things. MAKES HIM BE JUST A MAN, NOT A DIVINE BEING.
  • PreMillennialist says God, Christ, or the prophets did not know the Jews would reject Christ and put Him to death. It makes God be neither all knowing nor all powerful. If He were unable to restore the kingdom to Israel as He planned to then it MAKES HIS FIRST COMING A FAILURE.
  • Both John the Baptist and Christ said the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. PreMillennialist says both were wrong.
  • PreMillennialist says the church and the New Covenant are just an afterthought, were added to fill in unto God could set up the kingdom He was not able to at the first coming of Christ. IT MAKES THE OLD COVENANT BE SUPERIOR TO THE NEW COVENANT.
  • PreMillennialist makes the death of Christ be not needed. They say it was both unplanned and unknown that Christ would be put to death; and if the Jews had not rejected Him and put Him to death, Israel would have been restored and the kingdom set up according to God’s plan. THE DEATH OF CHRIST WAS NOT IN THE PLAIN OF GOD, THEREFORE, WAS NOT NEEDED.
  • There could not have been any predictions or prophecy about the suffering of Christ, the death of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, the church, the New Covenant; there could not have been any prophecy about the Millennium for we are told they were all unknown of by God and the prophets. If the kingdom had been restored to Israel as the Millennialist says God planned for it to be, there would have been no Millennium, yet they use many Old Testament passages to prove that God did know what they say He did not know.
  • PreMillennialist makes Judaism superior to Christianity, and the Law with its animal sacrifices will be restored.
  • PreMillennialist deny that Christ is now king and is now on the throne of David.
  • Many PreMillennialist says eternal life for the saved will be on earth–versus–Eternal life in Heaven. No one will ever be in Heaven.
  • Resurrected with an earthly body–versus–resurrected a spiritual being.
  • Premillennial doctrine is a return to Judaism, a reestablishment of national Israel and the types and shadows of the Old Covenant, which the writer of Hebrews is warning against throughout the whole book of Hebrews.

IN BRIEF, THE PREMILLENNIAL BELIEF IS A COMPLETE REWRITE OF THE BIBLE. THE DIFFERENCES AND DISAGREEMENTS IN THE GOSPEL AND PREMILLENNIAL BELIEFS ARE SO GREAT THAT NO ONE CAN BELIEVE BOTH. The Premillennial belief is that God was unable to set up the Jewish kingdom that He had said He was going to set up, and that it was unknown to God that Israel was going to reject Christ and put Him to death. The church is something that was added that God did not plain or know about it before Christ’s rejection. THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM WILL BE A RETURN TO OLD TESTAMENT JUDAISM, WHICH DID NOT HAVE THE ATONING BLOOD OF CHRIST.

SOURCE – A Different Gospel


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I have been wanting to do a post like this for awhile now, but have not been able to find the words. Dispensational theology is quite intricate and confusing and I have found it difficult to explain. Again I was in a position the other night to explain dispensationalism and I found it difficult to briefly state the facts.

I finally said  …

… you understand the errors of Catholicism, right, well dispensationalism, like Catholicism, is a theology composed of a group of teachings that are superimposed on Scripture, thereby distorting Scripture. The sum of it’s parts make the whole.

It seemed that statement brought some clarity. Now what are the parts, or separate teachings, that when put together can be labeled dispensationalism? Read the rest of this entry »

Dispensationalism falsely teaches that the Church Age was unforeseen by the prophets of the Old Testament, see:Acts 2:16-17Acts 3:24-26Acts 15:14-18Galatians 3:8. This allows them to make up mysterious 2,000 year gaps and stick them into OT prophecies in order to make them fit their timeline. Yet amazing enough, they hold that 1948 is a fulfillment of OT prophecy (Isaiah 66 and others). I guess the church age has ended.