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Mostly all of us has at one time grown up or around a dispensational mindset. We think of it as the one and only true eschatological stance until we hear of other views which is what happen to someone like myself. When I heard of postmillennialism I knew it was right by how it explained everything but that was still holding to a futuristic mindset. It was when I came to Fulfllled Eschatology that everything fell right into place being thankful to covenantal understanding I see how God restored the relationship once lost in Adam that God purposely set out to demonstrate his love for us.

When we see that it was only Abraham whom God made the promise to, “I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you” we see how through Israel, as a people, God Covenantally worked out His plan towards restoring mankind.

Please read Dr Gary DeMar on his “passing of Heaven and Earth” and other great things he wrote and after that read Don K. Preston or better yet just pick up your Bible and read it from an Audience Relevance Standpoint.